Word Solutions is owned by Jennifer Alvey, a writer, editor, and trainer with more than 15 years of professional experience in law and publishing. Word Solutions offers customized writing workshops and training for lawyers and businesses, as well as writing articles on a wide variety of business, legal, and lifestyle topics.

Ms. Alvey knows what works in legal and business writing, and can give your lawyers and employees the tools so that they, too, can write well and achieve your clients’ or corporate objectives.

Ms. Alvey is a native Kentuckian and graduated with honors from Transylvania University. She graduated in 1991 from Duke Law School, where she served as Articles Editor of the Duke Law Journal.  Immediately after law school, she clerked for Judge Raymond C. Clevenger, III, on the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. She learned first-hand what judges like and despise in legal writing. After her clerkship, she practiced law at some large Washington, DC law firms, writing winning briefs on complex commercial litigation and intellectual property cases in particular.

During her subequent career in legal publishing, Ms. Alvey has written hundreds of published articles and edited even more. She served as Editor in Chief of the ACC Docket, the award-winning magazine of the Association of Corporate Counsel. Under her tenure there, the magazine continued its award-winning ways, and was regularly named the #1 benefit of association membership. She has also worked as an editor and reporter at BNA (the Bureau of National Affairs) on both the Computer Technology Law Report and the Electronic Commerce & Law Report, as associate edtior of the trade magazine Fortnightly, published by Public Utilities Reports, and as group publisher for M. Lee Smith Publishers for their in-house counsel and employment law-related newsletters.

As a writer and reporter, Ms. Alvey has interviewed Nobel Prize winners and Fortune 500 CEOs. She’s written ground-breaking stories on the cybersecurity of the electricity grid, e-commerce and Internet politics, profiles, and a slew of stories on technology. Her specialty is taking complex subjects and making them simple, not dumbed down.

In 2007, Ms. Alvey launched Word Solutions