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My hat is off to William B. Chandler III, the chief judge of the Delaware Court of Chancery. He combines heavy-duty judicial opinions on high-profile corporate cases with pop culture references. His prose is engaging, and gets you reading. Put his latest opinion (on sufficient disclosures to stockholders for a proposed merger) on your bedside reading list. Here’s the intro:

World of Warcraft, the market-leading massively multiplayer online role playing game, entices millions of paying subscribers to immerse themselves in a virtual online world. These subscribers create their own characters, and through these avatars they interact with other players, develop skills, create a unique jargon, join guilds and alliances, engage in battles, and embark on quests. The game has been described as highly addictive, has had an impact on popular culture, and has made an extraordinary amount of money for Blizzard
Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games.
In some ways, perhaps, the world of Mergers and Acquisitions is a massively multiplayer role playing game as well. Like in World of Warcraft and other games, the participants in the M&A field take on certain roles, interact in their own community, hone specialized skills, and even develop a unique, somewhat curious vernacular. One particular quest in the world of M&A is
disclosure litigation. In the instance of disclosure litigation presently pending before this Court, the world of M&A meets the World of Warcraft.

Thanks to the WSJ Law Blog for the post that alerted me to this great piece of legal writing.

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